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Leading Wholesaler of dcda chemical, borax decahydrate, xanthan gum 200 mesh, glycerine ( diffrent types ), sodium tripolyphosphate and sodium metal from Mumbai.

Dcda Chemical

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Dicyandiamde (DICY) is a strongly alkaline and water-soluble white crystalline compound with the scientific name of cyanoguanidine. The chemical is the dimer of cyanamide or cyanoguanidine, which is mainly used in the production of melamine.

Borax Decahydrate

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Usage/ApplicationUsed To Clean Hard Surfaces Such As Metals, Glass, And Ceramics
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Packaging TypeHDPE Bag
Chemical FormulaNa2[B4O5(OH)4].8H2O
Melting Point743 DegreeC
Boiling Point1575 DegreeC
Molar Mass381.37 g/mol
IUPAC IDSodium tetraborate decahydrate

Minimum order quantity: 500 Kilogram

Processed by reputed vendors, Borax Decahydrate is a white odourless, powdered substance, which is not combustible or flammable and has low acute toxicity. Borax Decahydrate is better known as Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate and finds application in numerous industries like Glass, Ceramic, Fiberglass & Detergent. Furthermore, this chemical is also used in soldering metals, fire control, and in artificially ageing woods as a preservative. We provide this high-quality Borax Decahydrate in powder, granular or crystal form.

Xanthan Gum 200 Mesh

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GradeFood Grade
Packaging Size20 Kg
Packaging TypeHDPE Bag
Shelf Life1 Year

We do offer wide range of polypropylene which is used in injection, & moulding industry ( household items,thermo-ware etc.)

Glycerine ( Diffrent Types )

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Purity %>99%
Packaging Size250kg
Physical State/FormPowder
Grade StandardAnalytical Grade
Packaging TypeDrum

We do offer wide range of polypropylene which is used in injection, & moulding industry ( household items,thermo-ware etc.)

Sodium Tripolyphosphate

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Usage/ApplicationUsed To Soak Seafood
Packaging TypeBag
Grade StandardTechnical Grade
Melting point622 DegreeC
AppearanceWhite Powder
Density2.52 g/cm3
Molar mass367.864 g/mol
Solubility in water14.5 g/100 mL

Minimum order quantity: 500 Kilogram

We hold expertise in offering superior Sodium Tripolyphosphate (STPP), which is made in two technical grades i.e. NTR and HTR. This chemical is used as a builder in cleansing agents, and as an agent in the manufacturing process for textile processing. This chemical can be used as a replacement for zeolite in terms of cost and performance. Also, our range is more effective binder as it needs to be used in smaller volumes as compared to zeolite.

Other Details:

  • Net Weight: 25 Kg
  • Gros Weight: 25.1 Kg

Sodium Metal

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ColorSilver color
Packaging Size150 Kg
UsageUsed as a building material
Packaging typeDrum
Molar mass22.9898 g/mol
Melting point97.72 degree C

Minimum order quantity: 300 Kilogram

Sodium is a chemical element with symbol Na and atomic number 11. It is a soft, silver-white, highly reactive metal.


Other details:

  • Symbol: Na
  • Atomic mass: 22.989769 u ± 2 × 10^-8 u
  • Molar mass: 22.9898 g/mol
  • Atomic number: 11
  • Electron configuration: [Ne] 3s1
  • Melting point: 97.72 °C



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